A compassionate and engaging teacher, Kaylar can help take your dream of playing saxophone from aspiration to reality. With unmatched flexibility and a stress-free learning environment, all of her students agree that she is laid-back and refreshing.

Whether you're a student looking for extra help outside your school band program or an adult with an epic bucket-list, she's got something to teach you. Her resume includes students of all ages from sixth graders to seniors, and workshops working with up to 30 saxophonists at a time.

Kaylar teaches soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone.
She also teaches music theory and improvisation.

Lessons are available in a variety of formats and packages to suit your individual needs and unique schedule.
Special online video lessons and group lessons
are available.



Kaylar is hands down the best music teacher I have ever come across. She has taught me an incredible amount in a short time. The way she explains concepts is memorable and accessible, and her versatile style and way of teaching makes every lesson engaging, fun and always something I look forward to. She’s a true musician and one of the best sax players around. If you are looking to progress quickly in the style that you want...
Look no further! 10/10!
— Kelly O. - Student
Kaylar took the time to learn about me and my musical tastes and tailored the lessons to what worked best for me to keep things interesting and achievable, so much so that I really looked forward to practicing at home and the next lesson. She always made me feel comfortable and never did I feel embarrassed about my skill level or ability...

Kaylar has a true gift as a teacher...

Her lessons are the sole reason I started playing the sax and will continue to play the sax until I can’t blow that thing anymore!

What a legend, thanks so much for what you have given me...
A voice!”
— Matt G. - Student
I got to know Kaylar after one of her gigs where she mesmerized the audience with her tenor sax! I almost immediately decided to try classes with her. I value her professionalism & the way she shares her knowledge and passion for saxophone! Her classes are well organized and tailored for my needs and taste.

I am very happy with the progress I am making. And I love the creative part of our classes: jamming with Kaylar!!

I never thought I could do that!”
— Agata C. - Student
All I have to say about Kaylar is positive! She is on time, friendly, prepared, and honestly well-versed in her craft. My dad was really ambivalent about taking music lessons in the first place, but after meeting Kaylar just once, hearing her play and seeing her teaching style, he loved her!

Not only is she a valuable music instructor, she’s also just an overall lovely person. She cares about you and your situation and her flexibility is unmatched.

If you’re looking for a great music teacher, I don’t think you should look any further than right here.”
— Lily K. - Daughter of Student
I would definitely recommend Kaylar - she is knowledgeable, professional, enthusiastic, and patient as a teacher. She is generous and pays attention to the necessities of the student.

I’m enjoying my lessons!”
— Oleg B. - Student
Kaylar motivated me when I was learning the saxophone and really helped develop me into a better musician.

She is chill and a good teacher...”
— Nicole W. - Student